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FNF Au idea

Posted by CleoArty - 1 month ago

I really want to talk about the au idea I am currently making!

Note: This will not turn into a mod because I do not know how to code nor how to animate well.

Let's begin!

Background information (How does the au begin?)

So for starters I wanna at least explain how everything ya know began. To keep it short this took place after week 7, while Bf was battling Tankman he got blue balled (why is that so funny om) and was about to restart, but was unable to cheat death. He then actually dies and was sent to Heaven, where he met Sophia. Bf being in panic asked Sophia if he can return back to earth. After some sad moments and stuff Sophia, offered to help him, but has to make a deal. Before she made the deal she asked what he's good at to make it easy for him. This was how the idea of singing came to the deal for Sophia. She cares a lot to bring a dead person back to earth. The deal was if he was able to beat him, she'll give him a wish and that's how he was able to come back to earth.

Character information (Who is in the story?)

Now we got that settled, let's talk about characters (Don't worry there aren't many)

Sophia (Angel cakes as her nickname) is the gate keeper of Heaven and the daughter of god himself. She was put in charge of gate keeping to let those in. She is a kind sweetheart who wouldn't want to break anyone's heart. She is also very polite and giving to the people in heaven and earth. Sophia has a second job where she works at the orphanage to be there for kids and other stuff. She is able to really hide her halo but not her wings, hints why she has none at the moment.

God (Or Hudson K Heavson, Or Heavenly Father as his nickname) Hudson is the ruler of Heaven with his wife Natalia. Hudson is known to have a serious personality but has a soft spot for his family. He is known as "The rock cloud king". There isn't too much info about him yet but all I can say is him and Daddy Dearest don't uhhh get along as you can see why.

There are more characters but they're in development atm!

Alternate ending (What will happen to BF if he lose?)

Simple and short!

It's not likely for him to die so if he did lose then he'll have to stay dead forever. This will take place after he fights Heavenly Father, which is the last character he'll fight in the third song. After the event Bf basically tries to cope about losing a chance to be alive again, but with a supportive friend like Sophia, he slowly starts to heal. Bf tries to live life in heaven with the people and with Sophia, it'll basically be showing Sophia's life and also his life too. On how they had their own personal struggles. He still has a talent to rap but he does it rarely because it really does make him feel disappointed.

This bit was originally not going to be canon however sense this is an au I thought why now add it as a fun option. So now it is canon! I really have been focusing on this part a lot because I don't want this au to be Bf just fighting Sophia and poof he gone. No, too boring, so the alt version is now canon but it can be a option to some. ^^

Anything else important?

Nothing at the moment! I did however thought about making a comic series about it. However due to lack of motivation and school it will be unlikely. However maybe when it's summer I'll have time to make it, but I don't wanna promise it!

That's all I have for today! Thank you for reading if you made it this far!